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Life & Disability Insurance

For over thirty-five years, our team has built a strong reputation as the premier Long Island life insurance agency and disability insurance specialists.

We’ve all heard the tragic stories – a life unexpectedly ends or a loved one is severely injured, but the financial problems only begin. At our Long Island insurance agency, MAS Group, our job is to prevent financial hardships after death or disability and allow you to focus on your family. Don’t let phrases like Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, or Variable Life scare you. For over thirty-five years, our team has built a strong reputation as the premier Long Island life insurance agency and disability insurance specialists.

Centrally located in Hauppauge, NY, we’re not your everyday Long Island life insurance agency. As one of the most respected Hauppauge life Insurance agents and disability insurance specialists, we’re your next-door neighbors and we value the importance of community. The bottom line is that we’re here to help you and your family with those uneasy subject matters like disability insurance coverage and life insurance policies.

Webster’s dictionary may coldly define tragedy as “a disastrous event [or] calamity.” At MAS Group, we never forget the emotional impact of another term – personal loss.

That’s why we take the utmost care in guiding our customers through the services we provide. Believe it or not, disability insurance and life insurance are the most critical types of insurance policies to own. Fortunately, purchasing a disability insurance or life insurance policy through MAS Group doesn’t have to be complicated. And with a purchase this important, it shouldn’t be complicated! As a well-established leader among top Long Island life insurance agents, MAS Group’s knowledgeable and friendly insurance specialists will help guide you through a variety of disability insurance and life insurance policies that best suit your particular needs.

In addition to servicing life and disability insurance on Long Island, we also service Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Upstate New York.

MAS Group can assist you with the following types of New York State and Long Island life insurance policies and disability insurance coverage:

  • Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a coverage plan that protects against the financial burdens imposed on family and loved ones upon the insured’s death. It is designed to provide temporary life insurance protection on a limited budget. As the name implies, the length of coverage or the term (usually for a set number of years) is the main feature of this particular life insurance plan. Term life insurance tends to be less expensive than other life insurance options and its premiums can be fixed for the duration of the insurance plan, which is normally no longer than 30 years.

  • Whole Life Insurance

As the term “whole life” implies, this life insurance coverage provides lifetime protection (unlike term life insurance, which has a predetermined end date for the policy). The inherent value of a whole life Insurance policy is not only in its guaranteed death benefit, but in the tax-deferred cash value (or dividend) that accumulates within the policy, which you can use throughout your lifetime, depending upon the stipulations set forth by the policy.

  • Universal Life Insurance

A universal life insurance policy is a flexible way to help your family prepare for the unexpected while building tax-deferred cash value. Universal life insurance is similar to a whole life insurance policy; however, you can choose to increase or decrease the death benefit, thus, increasing or decreasing the monthly premiums. With an adjustable benefit and a flexible premium, you have the option to change your coverage as your needs change. Additionally, the paid premiums can accumulate cash value, which grows tax-deferred until needed.

  • Variable Life Insurance

Variable life insurance policies are very similar to universal life insurance policies, but it allows you to place your cash value in underlying investment accounts. Although you could see significant gains over the long term, these policies can lose value. As such, the cash value and death benefit could decrease or you may be required to pay higher premiums to keep the policy in effect.

  • Individual Disability Insurance

In today’s world, disability is more likely than premature death. As such, you need to take the necessary steps to protect your assets, in the event that you become sick or injured at home or on the job. You may receive some form of disability insurance from your employer, but is this coverage adequate to meet your expenses and maintain your cost of living? Disability insurance is about replacing your income and protecting your finances until you are able to return to work.

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